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Don't trust what Labor says on schools, trust what they do

Don't trust what Labor says on schools, trust what they do

10 May, 2016

In an extraordinary repackaging of a months old announcement today, Labor has shown they don’t understand how the Commonwealth’s schools funding is distributed and how arrangements work. Quite simply, the Federal Government pays lump sums to states and territories and non-government organisations to distribute as they see fit and based on their own funding models. Contrary to what is implied in his announcement today, Bill Shorten would have no say in how money is allocated to each school. Not only does Labor have no say in how funding is distributed among individual schools, but they will continue a model riddled with inconsist... Read more »

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Interview - ABC 891 - Matthew Abraham and David Bevan

MATTHEW ABRAHAM: After all those changes that were made to the voting system for the Senate are we still going to end up with a crazy Senate that is a mixture of Dad’s Army and something else with a whole lot of minor parties making it very difficult for any government, Labor or Liberal, ... Read more >

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Interview - Doorstop - Townsville

EWAN JONES: It is an absolute pleasure to be here today with Simon Birmingham, the Minister for Education. We are about to make a very specific announcement, which I will allow him to elaborate on. What I can say from my perspective is that anything we can do to improve the opportunities for yo... Read more >

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National Catholic Education Conference

Good morning ladies and gentlemen and yes, I am the Minister. Thank you Ross for that warm welcome, thank you for recalling my pre-politics life working in Australia’s wine industry and gathered here as I am at the National Catholic Education conference I thought I might start by acknowledging... Read more >

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Interview - Sky News - Patricia Karvelas

PATRICIA KARVELAS: My first guest tonight is the Education Minister Simon Birmingham. Welcome to the program. SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Good evening Patricia, great to be with you. KARVELAS: Bill Shorten says Labor can win, that was his message today, so what’s your view? Will the Coa... Read more >

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