Thank you very much; it’s a pleasure to be here today. Premier, Kate Ellis, Local Member, Vice Chancellor, members of the university council, ladies and gentlemen.  I’m pleased to be representing the Federal Government and in particular Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne at this significant event for Adelaide today. Christopher as a South Australian is very sorry that he was unable to be able to be with you on this occasion.

Higher education has a transformative effect; it has a transformative effect on individual lives, on cities and communities and today we celebrate the transformative effect it will have on our landscape and our city scene at this very location here in Adelaide. 

We as a Government recognise that globally higher education is undergoing its own transformation. We are seeing a lot more competition across the higher education landscape, far greater movement of students around the world and of course far greater diversity of what people are studying,  what they’re looking for, and the outcomes that business and communities need. That’s why as a Government we’re determined to ensure that Australia’s higher education system which has played such a role in building the lifestyle and the economy that Australia enjoys today continues to be at the cutting edge of the world.

The higher education reforms we’re pursing as a Government are about making sure that we deliver a higher education system that has diversity that has competition that can compete on the global stage that increases access for students from diploma level courses through to post graduate courses and guarantees that Australia has the skills and knowledge and capacity to compete in the global economy of the future. 

Of course to do that our universities need the right infrastructure and the right buildings and that’s why we are so very pleased to be supporting this project that will help The University of Adelaide maintain its advantage as one of the great universities of Adelaide of Australian and of the world. It’s important that The University of Adelaide continues to aspire to be the best it can be and with this new medical and nursing school it will be able to achieve that.

The $60 million contribution the Federal Government is making is important but it stands of course alongside a very significant contribution from The University of Adelaide itself, to a $203 million project that really will give enormous opportunities to students here in Adelaide, to the South Australian economy and to the university to be a great institution well in to the future as it has been throughout South Australia’s history.

Can I congratulate the university, thank the South Australian Government for cooperation and wish everyone every success in seeing the successful delivery of this wonderful new project.

Well done.