Australia risks again falling behind like-minded partners supporting Ukraine unless the Albanese Government moves to quickly back the G7 agreement to a $50 billion USD loan for Ukraine obtained through frozen Russian assets.

Having claimed legal difficulties as justification to not use Russian assets, the Albanese Government now needs to stop finding excuses to not support Ukraine and wholeheartedly commit to doing all that Australia possibly can.

Unlike the US, UK, Canada and France, Australia has not yet made any contribution to the unfolding global debate to the transfer of funds from Russia’s frozen assets to Ukraine.

If Australia’s laws need changing to better target Russian assets or make more effective sanctions on Russia, then all Labor needs to do is act, because the Coalition is clear in our support.

The Coalition, since the beginning of Russia’s abhorrent and illegal invasion of Ukraine has offered full bipartisan support to the Labor Government to implement all possible mechanisms that would aid Ukraine’s self-defence.

Instead of acting wherever it can, Labor has let Australia’s relative support decline, including junking military helicopters, ignoring calls to reinstate Australia’s embassy in Kyiv and turning down requests for coal.

If Labor won’t act, then we will explore Senate inquiries or other mechanisms to put pressure on the Albanese Government to do so.