Joint media release with Acting Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Michaelia Cash

The Turnbull Government will deliver $70 million to the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI) High Performance Computing (HPC) facility to replace its supercomputer.

Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said replacing the NCI’s supercomputer was identified as a vital and urgent recommendation in the National Research Infrastructure Roadmap developed under the leadership of the Chief Scientist Dr Alan Finkel AO.

“The Turnbull Government’s investment secures one of Australia’s key pieces of research infrastructure,” Minister Birmingham said.

“Replacing the NCI’s supercomputer headquartered at the Australian National University ensures the facility can continue its critical support for researchers across many disciplines.

“The Turnbull Government’s $70 million investment means the new supercomputer will be online before the current capabilities are decommissioned at the end of 2018.”

Acting Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science Michaelia Cash said the NCI had been a critical part of Australia’s research infrastructure, and the Turnbull Government’s $70 million investment would ensure it continued into the future.

“From the Bureau of Meteorology to NASA, the NCI supports more than 4,000 researchers involved in nearly 500 projects, spanning 35 Australian universities, science agencies and medical research institutes as well as researchers overseas,” Minister Cash said.

“Our investment is key to strengthening Australia’s world-leading research.

“As we work through the recommendations of Dr Finkel’s National Research Infrastructure Roadmap, the Turnbull Government’s investment in the NCI clearly highlights our commitment to Australian researchers and their work.

“Additionally, through our National Innovation and Science Agenda, the Turnbull Government is delivering $2.3 billion over 10 years to support national scale research infrastructure.

“I look forward to hearing more stories about the NCI’s successes and breakthroughs.”