Procurement for the replacement of the Bureau of Meteorology’s supercomputer is now underway, with request for tenders opening today via the Australian Government website, AusTender.

The new supercomputer will enable the Bureau to improve the accuracy of forecasts for severe thunderstorm events and tropical cyclones, as well as improved timing and direction of wind changes for fire weather. 

The Bureau has released two requests to the market, one for the supercomputer via AusTender, and another for the host data centre via an Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO) Data Centre Facilities Panel.

“As part of the 2014–15 Budget, the Australian Government announced funding over seven years for the supply, installation and operation of a new supercomputer for the Bureau of Meteorology, to be fully operational from mid-2016,” said Minister Hunt.

“The new supercomputer will enable the Bureau to produce more accurate and localised weather information, particularly to support public safety in severe weather events such as thunderstorms, fires, floods and tropical cyclones.”

Senator Birmingham said the new supercomputer is expected to be almost 20 times faster than the current system, giving the Bureau the ability to run complex mathematical models used to forecast weather more frequently and at higher resolution.

“The investment in increased supercomputing capacity will ensure the continued and improved delivery of timely and high-quality forecast and warning services for communities across Australia,” said Senator Birmingham.

“The competitive tender processes will ensure the Bureau receives the powerful supercomputing infrastructure it requires for the best possible value.”

Request for tenders for the supercomputer will be open for nine weeks and evaluation is expected to commence in late October this year, with contract negotiations to be finalised around mid-2015.

Further information on the tender is available online: