The ABC’s reports today that Water Minister Tony Burke won’t support a bad Murray-Darling Basin Plan expose his hypocrisy and political game playing, Coalition Basin spokesman Simon Birmingham said.
?On 4 April this year Minister Burke wrote to the Leader of the Opposition stating:
?”I have been concerned with recent statements you have made that suggest you would only support a ‘good’ plan without defining what a ‘good’ plan would involve. I hope that there is no game being played here, the Murray Darling Basin is too important for that.”
?Only a week later the ABC is reporting:
“Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke has told a public meeting in Adelaide he will not allow a bad plan to be adopted for the future of the Murray.”
?”Minister Burke thinks it’s acceptable to refuse a bad Plan but is critical of people who want to support a good Plan. One wonders if Minister Burke is aiming for mediocrity in between,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“Minister Burke is right to say that Basin reform is too important for game playing. I just wish he would take his own advice.”