Joint media release

  • Senator James Paterson, Shadow Minister for Home Affairs
  • Senator Claire Chandler, Shadow Assistant Minister for Foreign Affairs

The Coalition welcomes the Canadian Government’s decision to list the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity and again urges the Albanese Government to take similar action.

The Canadian Government’s action stands in stark contrast to the weakness of the Albanese Government which has failed to take any action in listing the IRGC as a terrorist organisation in Australia.

At Senate Estimates earlier this month, the Government confirmed it had undertaken no work to list the IRGC since it was recommended in February 2023 by the Senate Foreign Affairs, Defence & Trade References Committee.

The Albanese Government is out of excuses. As the Canadian Government pointed out in listing the terrorist organisation today, the IRGC conducts terrorist activity, both unilaterally and in association with other terror groups including Hezbollah and Hamas. The Canadian Government made clear that a terror listing is an important additional step over and above sanctions upon IRGC operatives and entities. This sends an important message that Canada will use all the tools at its disposal to combat the terror activity of the IRGC.

There is significant evidence that the IRGC is engaged in terrorist activity, and Australia’s laws should reflect this reality. Failing to do so can only further diminish Australia’s standing and demonstrates the Albanese Government’s ongoing failure to adequately support international action such as the multi-nation operation again Iran-backed Houthi terrorism in the Red Sea.

The Coalition has repeatedly made clear that we offer our bipartisan support for any actions required to enable the listing of the IRGC.

Australia must stand with Canada and the US in listing the IRGC as a terrorist organisation, and we call on the Albanese Labor Government to take immediate action so that Australia sends a clear message that we do not tolerate acts of terrorism, no matter who commits or supports them.