The Coalition will deliver real action on stormwater harvesting in Adelaide by providing $16.5 million towards the commencement of the ‘Waterproofing Eastern Adelaide’ project.
This commitment will help ensure that this important stormwater harvesting project proceeds.
The project involves harvesting stormwater from the Torrens River when it rains and when most of the river’s flow is lost into Gulf St Vincent. Stormwater will be then stored in underground aquifers before distribution throughout Adelaide’s eastern suburbs.
The Coalition will work with the Norwood, Burnside, Payneham, Campbelltown, St Peters, Tea Tree Gully and Town of Walkerville Councils to make the project a reality.
Supporting real action on stormwater water recycling is a priority for the Coalition.
By harvesting stormwater from the Torrens that would otherwise flow into the ocean, this innovative project will help ease pressure on Adelaide’s water supply.
Julia Gillard’s $10 million commitment to this project was made conditional upon state Labor government support. The state government has since refused to commit a contribution to make the project a reality.
Only a Coalition Government will ensure this project becomes a reality.