Wayne Swan should explain why he’s hiding important work about Labor’s planned carbon tax from the Australian people.
Today Mr Swan has made selective references to a Productivity Commission report into carbon pricing in other countries; a report he received last week but has not yet publicly released as had been promised.
Yesterday Mr Swan selectively quoted from Treasury modelling into the carbon tax, yet again failed to release the full modelling as he has previously promised to do.
It is the Government’s intention to release this modelling upon its completion in order to further inform the community about the expected transformation of the Australian economy by pricing carbon.
Wayne Swan and Greg Combet, joint media release, 23 March 2011
What is Wayne Swan trying to hide from the Australian people? Why does he only want to release fragments of these reports at a time?
If he has all of this evidence supposedly supporting Labor’s position then he should release it.
Everyone knows the devil is most likely in the detail of these analyses. Labor should stop hiding that detail and let people truly see what the impact of the carbon tax will be on cost of living pressures and the future for Australian industry.
It’s time to come clean Wayne.