“The desperation of the Member for Hindmarsh, Steve Georganas MP, is on full show this week as he seeks to mislead voters in Hindmarsh,” Senator Simon Birmingham said today.

“Just two weeks ago The Advertiser proclaimed ‘Libs’ vote secures Murray Victory’ following the Liberal Party’s announcement of support for the Murray-Darling Basin Plan.

“Yet Steve Georganas’s newsletter distributed in Hindmarsh this week* leads with the headline ‘Labor will save our River Murray, Liberals oppose plan, water buy-back’.

“That Steve Georganas is willing to blatantly mislead his own constituents speaks volumes about the type of campaign he is likely to run.

“Residents in Adelaide’s western suburbs must be wondering when will Labor’s lies end?

“This is a grubby tactic from an increasingly desperate Labor Government that is gearing up for a dirty campaign.

“The starter gun hasn’t even been fired on the election, yet Steve Georganas is already trying to mislead voters.

“The people of Hindmarsh deserve better than this from their local Member.”


*Misleading newsletter cover below: