Doorstop interview, Canberra
Topics: High court decision on citizenship; Christopher Pyne



Journalist:       Is it time for an audit, do we need to just got on and do this?

Simon Birmingham:    I think many taxpayers would find an audit that would be expensive, drawn out, riddled with legal complexities, to be a waste of their money. An audit could well end costing millions of dollars, engaging many lawyers when frankly I as a member of the government want to get on with the policy issues that impact Australians and that is governments priority.

Journalist:       The Prime Minister has criticised Stephen Parry, rightly so, do you think the public want more than just criticism, they need action from you guys?

Simon Birmingham:    I think the public want us to focus as the government is on the issues that impact households, businesses, families, getting their electricity bills down, continuing to create more jobs, not worrying about matters that only impact on politicians and that’s why as a Government we’re going to stick to those issues because that is what matters most.

Journalist:       Will the libs allow Wacka Williams to be Senate President?

Simon Birmingham:    Look the Liberal Senators I’m sure will discuss all possible scenarios but convention is that a Liberal Senator fills that role when in Government, and I would fully expect that convention will continue.

Journalist:       Um now, you’re a South Australian, Christopher Pyne how much trouble is he in there?

Simon Birmingham:    Christopher Pyne is a skilled and effective local MP, an outstanding minister, a strong performer in the House of Representatives, a valued member of the Government and really he is there getting on with his job as Minister for defence industries, helping to generate investment and jobs in Australia, and particularly in our home state of South Australia.

Journalist:       Is it a concern that he has been dabbling in state politics?

Simon Birmingham:    Christopher is a strong and powerful contributor to the Government, across his portfolio and as a local MP and I have every confidence he will continue to do so.