The newly established Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) will hold their inaugural meeting in Melbourne today.

Assistant Minister for Education and Training, Senator Simon Birmingham, will attend today’s meeting and said the Committee is to play a vital role in the Australian Government’s new vocational education and training (VET) model.

“This meeting is an important milestone in the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Industry and Skills Council’s commitment to streamline governance arrangements for the VET sector. The AISC replaces a plethora of committees that had led to confusion in the management of the nation’s VET system.

“By streamlining arrangements, we have eliminated duplication and created a simpler, more efficient VET governance structure.

“Employers are best placed to know the skills they will need into the future and these VET reforms put industry at the heart of the system for determining training priorities.

“Our new approach will help Australia maintain a skilled and flexible workforce that adapts to rapid technological changes in the workplace, assisting us to maintain and improve our economic position in the face of increasing global competition.

“As the Federal Minister responsible for VET, I am determined to ensure providers and qualifications are of the highest quality; lead to job outcomes; can operate as efficiently as possible; and are well regarded by students, parents, employers and the wider community.

“We are ensuring that VET remains relevant to the constantly evolving needs of Australian business and global jobs market.

“I look forward to receiving the Committee’s advice, and working with industry to ensure Australia’s VET system builds upon its reputation for excellence, giving apprentices and vocational students high quality training for modern Australian workplaces.” Senator Birmingham said.

John Pollaers is the inaugural Chairman of the AISC. Mr Pollaers is the current Chair of the Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council and has extensive industry experience, including as previous Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Brands Limited and Foster’s Group Limited.

The AISC is comprised of twelve members from industry, including a member nominated by each state and territory. The Committee also has one industry peak body representative rotating annually.

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