SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Thanks, Eric [Abetz], and thanks, Greg [Hunt].
There is nothing to celebrate today; there is much to condemn today. There is, of course, the broken promise of the past to condemn today but, more importantly for Australians, there are the outcomes for the future to condemn today. Those outcomes will see all Australians pay more. Be they householders, be they small businesses, big businesses or industry, they will all pay more – 10 per cent more on electricity, nine per cent more in gas. They’re just the starting figures and that, of course, is before we see the competitiveness aspects of this carbon tax take effect and jobs and industry pushed offshore.
This tax must be subject to a verdict by the Australian people. We call upon Julia Gillard to give the Australian people that opportunity. Rather than going to Government House and seeking proclamation for this legislation, she should got to Government House and seek an election.