Labor MP Steve Georganas has failed to deliver on tightening Adelaide Airport’s curfew, Senator Simon Birmingham said today.
In response to calls from the South Australian Freight Council for a review of the 11pm-to-6am curfew, Mr Georganas last year undertook instead to seek an even tighter curfew.
“I would like to thank the Freight Council for bringing to my attention the flaws of the curfew,” he said. ”I’ll be speaking to the Minister for Transport and asking him to tighten up the curfew.”
Steve Georganas, Weekly Times Messenger, 2 April 2008
However, a recently distributed newsletter issued by Mr Georganas reveals the Minister is opposed to any such variation.
“I believe the current curfew arrangements at Adelaide Airport are working well and I will continue to oppose any changes to the current arrangements.”
Anthony Albanese, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government, 5 May 2008 letter
“Minister Albanese’s letter is reproduced in Mr Georganas’s own newsletter.
“Minister Albanese’s snub of Mr Georganas over the curfew was so absolute that Mr Georganas has now changed his own position to ensuring the curfew remains as it is.
“I will continue to fight for the residents of Hindmarsh so that the curfew conditions remain.”
Steve Georganas, Summer 2009 newsletter
“The Adelaide Airport curfew was introduced by the Coalition Government thanks to the efforts of former Liberal Member for Hindmarsh Chris Gallus.
“The failure to have the curfew tightened is an embarrassment for Mr Georganas, who can only dream of being the effective representative for Adelaide’s western suburbs that Ms Gallus was.
“It’s only further embarrassing that Mr Georganas has tried to mask his failure on this issue by attempting in his newsletter to misrepresent the Minister’s response as a success.
“The way Steve Georganas has changed his position on the curfew should leave Hindmarsh voters wondering if he will stand up for anything of importance to them.”