The Australian Government is looking to recruit a Student Identifiers Registrar.

Assistant Minister for Education and Training Senator Simon Birmingham said the Student Identifiers Registrar, a statutory office holder, played an important role in overseeing the implementation and management of the Unique Student Identifier (USI) Scheme.

“There are approximately three million vocational education and training (VET) students in Australia, and already more than two and a half million have created their USI account,” Senator Birmingham said. 

“The USI Scheme will, for the first time, provide VET students with a single, reliable, secure, online record of their individual training accomplishments.

“From the first half of next year, students will be able to start seeing their records of training undertaken since 1 January 2015, with the benefits growing over time.

“The USI Scheme will enable students to find their records and provide evidence of their job-readiness to an employer.

“It will also help students demonstrate their prior learning when seeking to upgrade their qualifications, and stop them from having to re-do training they have already done, but can’t prove.

“It will reduce red tape for thousands of employers and training providers, who currently have to spend time and resources helping students find records of previous training and on-the-job
experience, or do training they have already done.

“Taxpayers will also benefit because the USI Scheme will give governments more evidence to support regulation and funding that actually improves training quality and job outcomes, and to remove red tape that doesn’t.”

Senator Birmingham said the Student Identifiers Registrar was responsible for protecting the privacy of students under the USI Scheme, and would work closely with stakeholders including
students, employers, training providers and Commonwealth, state and territory governments.

“The Student Identifiers Registrar role is critical to the success of the USI scheme and to realising its benefits for students, employers, training providers and taxpayers,” he said.

“The USI Scheme is part of the Australian Government’s significant reform of the national VET system, which is ensuring training delivers real skills for jobs, is of high quality, and leads to
rewarding and highly-valued career pathways for students.” 

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