• Statement
10 May 2020

The Australian Government is deeply concerned by reports that unjustified duties may be levied on Australian barley imports into China.

Our barley producers operate in a competitive global market without any trade distorting subsidies and price their products in an entirely commercial way.

We have worked with the Australian grains industry to mount the strongest possible case against China’s anti-dumping investigation. We will use the remaining time before China finalises its decision to continue our efforts to resolve this matter satisfactorily and will seek to uphold the integrity of our world leading barley producers.

Whilst Australia respects China’s right, as with any nation, to undertake domestic investigations into anti-dumping matters, we do not accept that there is a prima facie case, let alone a conclusive case, to find dumping by or subsidy of Australian producers.

Australia will reserve all rights to continue to defend the interests of our barley producers.