Bill Shorten has shown he either isn’t across the details or that Labor hasn’t done its homework on the cost of its own policies.

On Perth radio this morning Mr Shorten couldn’t tell listeners the cost of Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target.

                  “I can’t tell you what the cost is going to be.”
                                                                                         Bill Shorten, Nova Radio Perth, 30 April 2019

Coalition Campaign Spokesman Senator Simon Birmingham said it was time for Bill Shorten to come clean with Australians.

“How can a man who wants to be Prime Minister not know the cost of one of his key policies,” Senator Birmingham said.

“Either Bill Shorten doesn’t know the cost of his policy or he is hiding the true cost.

“Australians deserve to know what Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target and 50 per cent renewable energy target will cost them, just like they deserve to have Bill Shorten answer questions about Labor’s tax policies.

“Bill Shorten chose to release a policy that relies on Australian businesses buying international permits, so why won’t he be honest and upfront about how many permits will be bought and how much money will be sent offshore?

“Last week Labor were falsely spinning that there was no cost to their policies yet now Shadow Climate Change Minister Mark Butler claims it’s not even possible to cost their plans.”

                “If I can go to the cost impact of the policy we have announced, it is impossible to cost.”

Mark Butler, Doorstop, 30 April 2019

However, we know from independent modelling by BAEconomics that Labor’s 45 per cent emissions reduction target and 50 per cent renewable energy target will:

  •          cost the economy $472 billion
  •          slash more than 336,000 jobs
  •          cut the average wage by over $9,000
  •          increase wholesale electricity prices by more than 58 per cent.

“It’s time Bill Shorten came out of the shadows and outlined the true cost of his reckless policies,” Senator Birmingham said.