It’s time for Treasurer Wayne Swan to confirm that, contrary to some media reports, estimates concerning the carbon tax will be included in this year’s budget, according to Acting Shadow Minister for Climate Change Simon Birmingham.
Mr Swan will begin the Treasurer’s ritual of pre-budget Sunday morning interviews with an appearance on Sky News’s Australian Agenda program tomorrow morning.
“This interview provides the perfect opportunity to confirm that all estimates surrounding Labor’s carbon tax will be included in the budget estimates due to be released in less than a month,” Senator Birmingham said.
“If carbon tax estimates won’t be included in the budget then Mr Swan must explain why he plans to release a budget with a $40 billion hole in it.
“Labor clearly knows more than it’s telling Australians. The budget is the logical time to outline the details of a new tax.
“The idea that they won’t have estimates by the budget is almost laughable. 
“The Multi-Party Climate Change Committee was established back in September. The so-called ‘climate change framework’, where the carbon tax broken promise was unveiled, was announced in February.
“This committee is due to meet again this week. What are they now discussing if not matters of starting price, rates of increase, compensation arrangements, industry inclusions and exclusions?
“Your challenge tomorrow, Mr Swan, will be to confirm that your budget will be more than a political puff piece and will instead outline exactly how Labor’s new carbon tax will impact on the bottom line of government, households and industry.”