The release of a landmark report to transform Australia’s education system has been recognised for its strong focus on enhancing the learning outcomes of school students.

Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said he welcomed the support for the Review to Achieve Educational Excellence in Australian Schools and its blueprint for change for school education in Australia.

“We have a clear plan in front of us that we can use to build a stronger school system and to ensure schools, teacher and parents have the tools and capabilities to ensure Australian students reach their full potential,” Minister Birmingham said.

“The Turnbull Government will carefully work through how best to implement the reforms outlined in the Review with states, territories and non-government school systems to ensure students are given the support to succeed and that future generations of students get the opportunities they need to excel.

“I welcome the widespread support for reform across primary and secondary education stakeholders, as well as throughout government, Catholic and independent school sectors and from various parent, welfare and business organisations. I hope that the constructive reactions of key education stakeholders are mirrored in the approach taken by the states and territories.”

“APPA strongly supports the emphasis on collaboration rather than competition, not just in schools
but across schools, as a way of achieving better outcomes for all students…While early days, APPA looks forward to being a collaborative partner with governments and education jurisdictions in progressing the reform recommendations.”
– Australian Primary Principals Association, Media release, 30/4/18

“ARACY particularly welcomed the report’s focus on getting parents and the community more involved in education, especially in the early years, and the focus on research to ensure Australian education is driven by the latest information available.”
– Stephen Bartos, Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth, Media release, 30/4/18

“The Smith Family welcomes this report and is broadly pleased with the recommendations, which have a strong focus on individualised support for students…The Smith Family particularly welcomed the recognition of the importance of parental engagement in their child’s learning and the need to build the national research evidence base to improve student outcomes.”
– Anne Hampshire, The Smith Family, Media release, 30/4/18

“The Business Council congratulates David Gonski and the Review Panel on a report that understands ‘education defines opportunity’, and that new approaches are needed to prepare young people for the changing nature of work.”
– Jennifer Westacott, Business Council of Australia, Media release, 30/4/18

“In particular, we welcome the recommendations to ensure a strong foundation for the early years of schooling and a stronger focus on capabilities such as critical thinking, creativity and complex problem solving.”
– Ray Collins, National Catholic Education Commission, Media release, 30/4/18

“ISCA commends the Review Panel for the extensive consultations and consideration given to the development of their recommendations…ISCA is pleased that the Review’s recommendations reflect a multi-faceted, integrated response to the challenges outlined in the Report.”
– Independent Schools Council of Australia, Media release, 30/4/18

“The Australian Parents Council is pleased to see the strong emphasis on the importance of engaging with parents throughout their child’s education to improve their achievement before, during and beyond school, outlined in the Gonski panel’s review.”
– Australian Parents Council, 30/4/18

“A national framework and a bank of resources for schools and parents to use to enhance their engagement with their young people’s learning would be welcome…so that the partnership of home, school and student might be enhanced and learning improved for all students.”
– Karl Rodrigues, Catholic School Parents Australia, Media release, 30/4/18

“The NSWPPA is pleased that many of the points raised in our submission have been included in the report…key points on a focus on early learning and the establishment of a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy along with a review of the curriculum with a greater emphasis on the general capabilities align with the position of NSW government primary principals.”
– Phil Seymour, NSW Primary Principals’ Association, Sydney Morning Herald, 1/5/18

“The Panel’s recommendation for an independent national evidence institution to support schools is crucial to equip our teachers with the best information to make evidence-informed choices that will lift learning for every child…By establishing an evidence institution, Minister Birmingham will be working towards his goal of spending every education dollar on programs that evidence shows work.”
– Matthew Deeble, Evidence for Learning, Media release, 30/4/18

“The Australian Council of Deans of Education welcomes the Gonski Report’s holistic vision for the next
stage of the educational improvements that began with initial teacher education TEMAG reforms four
years ago.…The Deans of Education urge all State Education Ministers, who employ most of the nation’s teachers, to embrace the recommendations when they meet in the Education Council this Friday.”
– The Australian Council of Deans of Education, Media release, 30/4/18

“We particularly note its focus on individual student achievement and learning growth, student agency and the need to revise the structure of the Australian curriculum to ensure it equips students for the workforce of the future.”
– Dr Geoff Newcombe, Association of Independent Schools of NSW, Sydney Morning Herald, 1/5/18

The COAG Education Council will be briefed on the Review by David Gonski on Friday to inform a new national school reform agreement between federal, state and territory governments commencing in 2019.