“Revelations in The Australian today that one of Senator Nick Xenophon’s federal candidates has aligned herself with a group that has strong links to Pauline Hanson pose some serious questions for the candidate, Ms Sharkie, and Senator Xenophon.

“The Food Producers Land Owners Action Group (FLAG) has actively promoted Pauline Hanson and hosted at least three evenings with her and has also hosted both Jacqui Lambie and the estranged former Xenophon MP Ann Bressington, who Senator Xenophon spectacularly fell out with.

“Senator Xenophon needs to explain why his candidate spoke at the FLAG event and asked attendees to hand out Nick Xenophon Team How to Vote cards and if he supports Ms Sharkie having such close links to this extreme group.

“Does Nick Xenophon know that his candidate is courting the Pauline Hanson vote?  If so, what views of Pauline Hanson’s does he believe his party shares?  If he doesn’t know, how can anyone have confidence that a Xenophon candidate wouldn’t end up being more like Pauline Hanson than Nick Xenophon?

“It is dealings like this that are part of the reason that ‘personality cult parties’, built around a single individual rather than a shared philosophy, usually end up divided and dysfunctional. Mr Xenophon has failed before in trying to spread his brand to others for exactly these reasons – you are not voting for Nick, you’re voting for an unknown.”

The article can be found here.