Boothby will become home to three of the first Green Army projects to be supported in Australia under the Coalition’s Green Army Plan.
Federal Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Action, Senator Simon Birmingham, and Federal Member for Boothby, Andrew Southcott, said that if a Coalition Government was elected Seacliff, Brighton, Brownhill Creek, Mitcham Hills and Oaklands Park will be some of the first communities to benefit from funding under the Green Army Plan.
“I am pleased to deliver $0.5M to take real action on the environment in Boothby and am delighted that I have been able to secure three of the first Green Army projects in Australia,” Dr Southcott said.
“The Coalition’s land army will deliver positive outcomes on the ground for our community and will play an integral role in protecting the environment so future generations can benefit,” he said.
Three Green Army teams will work on
·         Wild olive eradication in the foothill areas of Boothby to reduce bushfire risk,
·         Sand dune rejuvenation between Seacliff and Brighton, and
·         Preparation of the land for wetlands development at Oaklands Park.
The Coalition’s Green Army Plan is to establish a workforce of up to 15,000 people dedicated to tackling the local environmental priorities across the country. Under the Coalition’s Plan, teams of ten young Australians would work with local organisations on community-based environmental projects for six month periods.
“Young people will have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to the environment whilst at the same time gaining valuable employment experience,” Senator Birmingham said.
“This conservation corps will work on behalf of the environment, taking real action to ensure its preservation,” he said.
Andrew Southcott has worked closely with the Council, the Country Fire Service, local residents and other key stakeholders and understands that whilst his community are committed to tackling the local environmental problems more needs to be done.
“There is no doubt that this difficult task cannot be left to the local communities to manage. We need to do more to protect our environment,” Dr Southcott said.
“The Coalition is ready to act. This is about taking real action for the environment, real action for our future.”