DAVID BEVAN: Now, people in South Australia have been waiting a long time for the Murray-Darling Basin plan to finally be released and implementation to start but the news today that the plan has been postponed yet again…
MATTHEW ABRAHAM: Simon Birmingham, just quickly, Coalition spokesperson – Senator from South Australia – on the Murray-Darling Basin.
SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Matt, Dave, this is a…
MATTHEW ABRAHAM: It sounds like the Federal Government’s going to try and push ahead with this despite the delay.
SIMON BIRMINGHAM:  Well, guys, this report [proposed Basin Plan] was meant to be out last year before the election. It was downgraded to a Guide.  It’s now been held up – it’s more than 15 months late, the whole thing. There’s 16 weeks in the laws for Government to consult with the states. If the work’s done, if it’s there, it should be released so they can get on with the consultations.
DAVID BEVAN:  Simon Birmingham, thank you for your time – Coalition spokesman on the Murray-Darling Basin.