Joint media release:

  • The Hon Andrew Hastie MP, Shadow Minister for Defence


The Opposition once again calls on the Albanese Labor Government to deliver urgent support to Ukraine as allies increase their efforts.


The United States this week authorised its 40th drawdown for Ukraine, which will deliver $325USD million worth of military assistance.


The United Kingdom announced an additional £16 million in humanitarian assistance building on more than £2.3 billion in military assistance and £1.5 billion in humanitarian and economic aid.


Meanwhile the Albanese Government has not included any new or additional funding for Ukraine in their May Budget, despite urgent calls for support.


This comes as Mr Yuriy Sak, senior adviser to Ukraine’s defence minister, on ABC RN Breakfast today appealed again to the Albanese Government to provide more Bushmasters, Hawkeis and tanks.


Mr Sak said that any support from Australia “would save lives the minute it arrives on the battlefield.”


The Opposition once again calls for the Prime Minister to deliver a comprehensive package for Ukraine.


Should there be an inability to supply any of these capabilities the Albanese Government needs to give full and reasonable explanation.


The Labor Government’s claims that the Opposition is playing politics with this issue is not only pathetic it is insulting to Ukraine. We will give strong bipartisan support to any assistance, as soon as it is actually delivered.