The nation’s most skilled tradespeople will represent Australia at the 43rd WorldSkills International competition in São Paulo, Brazil this month.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon Scott Ryan has farewelled the 25 Skillaroos who will represent Australia over four days of competition after they won national selection as the best in their trade.

Held every two years, the WorldSkills International Competition is the world's largest professional education event with competitors from over 50 countries. During the competition the 25 Skillaroos will represent 23 trades and skills categories to defend Australia’s ranking of thirteenth in the world.

“These young Australians will demonstrate individual and collective technical skills to perform specific tasks for each of their skill areas.” Senator Ryan said.

“From bakers, to florists to plumbers—these young people are proof of the world class skills Australian workers have.

“The Skillaroos demonstrate what can be achieved in a skills-based career, they are living proof that VET skills provide for a rewarding and highly successful career in the trades,” Senator Ryan said.

WorldSkills Australia provides young Australians, aged 23 and under, the opportunity to gain new skills, compete against their peers in their chosen trade and fast track their skills and career development through skills competitions.

“There is an increasing global demand for skills and training and young Australians today are well placed to take advantage of this demand.” Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham said.

“The diversity of these young Australians is testament to the quality of vocational education and training (VET) in Australian institutions.

“This event will also provide contact and exchange of information on best practices in professional education among industry leaders, governments and education experts.” Senator Birmingham said.