JOURNALIST: How much does this cost the government altogether quite a big investment?

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Well a $30 million investment in upgrading in upgrading the technology that underpins this so it has been a significant investment. But this really is an important in investment in time and effort by the Bureau staff in developing something that is so cutting edge and world leading. It has been recognised around the world with awards for the use and adaptive technology they have put behind this.

JOURNALIST: You mentioned some people that may benefit.  Who will benefit …. farmers and people that use the … (weather?)

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: There is enormous benefit for all Queenslanders from this service particularly of course Queenslanders who are involved in weather dependent activities, farmers, tourism operators, mining operators and almost any business that of course that has an external or outside focus and needs to take account of weather, wind and rain and of all those different things that can impact on the efficiency of their business.  It is not just a case of dealing with warnings or things that might be to the detriment of business.  People can of course improve their productivity and the business returns and profitability by making use of this data and influencing when they plant crops, when they harvest crops, when they undertake tours, outstanding benefits for the economy right across 

JOURNALIST: Senator, in short, how significant is this for the people of Queensland?

This is a great new service for Queensland. Everyone loves to be a weather forecaster of some sort or to talk about the weather. This will give all Queenslanders the opportunity seven days in advance to get three hourly blocks of weather for  wherever they live no matter how remote the location. So it is a huge step forward in the availability of weather forecasting and information to every Queenslander whatever their business, whatever their walk of life.

SIMON BIRMINGHAM: Will the weather man be out of a job?

There will always be a role for the weather man and the weather forecaster and we certainly look forward though to the fact that this gives every day Queenslanders every opportunity to get more information when they want,  where they want it for the exact location they want it.