The Gillard Government has finally given an answer about how many self funded retirees will be worse off under its carbon tax, but immediately backed away from it, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Simon Birmingham said today.
“In an extraordinary interjection during Senate Question Time, in response to a question to Finance Minister Penny Wong, Parliamentary Secretary for Defence David Feeney suggested the answer was none,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“That’s easy – none.”
Senator David Feeney, Senate Question Time, 18 August 2011
“This was the only answer tendered by the Government to questions about how many households and how many self funded retirees will be worse off, with Senator Wong steadfastly avoiding the answer, instead sticking to Labor’s script about so called compensation.
“Yet Senator Wong wouldn’t even answer a follow up question as to whether she agreed with Senator Feeney.
“The only conclusion Australians can draw from Labor’s arrogant display today is that Senator Feeney’s answer was not correct and that there will of course be self funded retirees, as well as other households, financially worse off under the carbon tax.
“Labor is so out of touch with Australians, they refuse to tell them the real impact of their plans.
“We know that millions of middle income families will be worse off under Julia Gillard’s carbon tax, and she should tell us just how many.”