The Gillard Government should today release Treasury modelling on the price impacts of its proposed carbon tax, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Simon Birmingham said today.
Two major reports are due to be released today, and the Government has previously committed also to the release of Treasury modelling:
“The Government has commissioned Treasury Modelling to be done on the carbon price that the Government is developing. This will include information on the price impacts of that carbon price. The Government has already committed to publicly release these results.”
Wayne Swan and Greg Comber, joint media release, 1 April 2011
Professor Ross Garnaut will today release the final report of his Review Update, while the Productivity Commission is today due to release its report on Emission Reduction Policies and Carbon Prices in Key Economies.
“It is inconceivable that Prime Minister Gillard’s Multi-Party Climate Change Committee could have spent the entire weekend meeting to further progress her carbon tax plans without considering Treasury’s modelling,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“Much or all of Treasury’s modelling must therefore have been completed.
“On the day when two significant pieces of commissioned work on the carbon tax are being released, now is the time to honour the Government’s commitment to release Treasury’s modelling on the price impacts.
“Householders deserve to know just how hard they’ll be hit by Julia Gillard’s carbon tax, whether through higher electricity prices, higher petrol prices or higher costs on everyday grocery and other household items.
“If the Government won’t yet release its modelling, we will pursue details from the Treasury in this week’s Senate Budget Estimates.”