Natasha Griggs today welcomed the Coalition’s announcement of four important Green Army projects totaling $500,000, made today by Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Climate Action Senator Simon Birmingham.
Today’s significant announcement is part of the Coalition’s environmental workforce or “Green Army” of about 15,000 members.
“Only the Coalition will take real action to provide for the environmental needs of Territorians,” Senator Birmingham said today.
Country Liberals Candidate for Solomon Natasha Griggs today welcomed the boost to Darwin and Palmerston’s local environment. The Coalition will tackle urgent environmental issues, including: 
  • Rapid Creek Corridor Conservation;
  • Eradication of Gamba grass in the greater Darwin area;
  • Mitchell Creek Conservation Project; and,
  • Toadbuster Team.
“Damian Hale and Labor have failed to deliver on the environment for the Territory,” Ms Griggs said today.
“The Rapid Creek project will continue with rehabilitation and revegetation, water quality monitoring and weed control. This Corridor is a major feature and biodiversity stronghold for Darwin.
“Gamba grass is a major weed in the Darwin area, so this Green Army project will help with eradication.
“The Mitchell Creek Conservation Project will focus on rehabilitation, revegetation and weed control, which until now has been undertaken by volunteers.
“The Toadbuster project will be undertaken in the greater Darwin area including Robertson Barracks and Palmerston. Strategic fencing will be placed in and around water sources to prevent toad access to water.
“These announcements are great news for Territorians – I’m putting the environment firmly on my agenda for the Territory.
“All Green Army projects are costed at $125,000 each, which includes wages, materials, transport and training. The total cost for these important projects is $500,000.
“I have been listening to the needs and concerns of Territorians on a whole range of environmental issues.
“Investing in the environment is part of my broader vision for direct action in Darwin, Palmerston and the Territory.”