“The desperation of the Member for Hindmarsh, Steve Georganas MP, was on full show last week as he sought to mislead locals in a grubby and unfounded attack on the King Street Bridge project,” Senator Simon Birmingham said today.
This follows unsubstantiated claims made by Mr Georganas on his website on June 3 and repeated on June 9.
“The King Street Bridge project is one I have long campaigned for and strongly support.
“Contracts on the project have been signed, site surveys finished and the design is nearing completion.
“Unlike the Labor Party, the Liberals are not in the business of ripping up contracts. Let me make it perfectly clear that this project is not under any threat and Mr Georganas knows this.
“This is a grubby tactic from an increasingly desperate Government which is gearing up for a dirty campaign.
“The starter gun hasn’t even been fired on the election yet Mr Georganas is already trying to mislead voters.
“Unfortunately, the local Member is simply aiding and abetting Anthony Albanese’s dishonest scare campaign which is being run by pro-forma.
“The people of Hindmarsh deserve better than this from their local Member.”