Doorstop interview, Canberra
Ai Group Graduate Employment Service; Same-sex marriage plebiscite

Question: How far do you think this program will go to solving that problem about graduates being ready for workplaces, and – or is it just a matter of every little bit counts?

Simon Birmingham: Well, every bit counts, and this program will provide an important encouragement for industry to work collaboratively with higher education providers, and a point of competition for universities to ensure that their courses are relevant, their engagement with industry is driving good outcomes for their students. So insofar as this is another factor for internal competition that drives universities towards the best possible outcomes for their students, it's great news.

Question: And now the Labor caucus has formally decided it will oppose the plebiscite on same sex marriage, is the Government considering a plan B, or is there no plan B, that's it?

Simon Birmingham: Well the Government will put its plebiscite legislation into the Parliament, and of course until a vote is taken we hold the hope that the Parliament will see good sense in supporting the Government to deliver on its election promises.