After Labor’s funding plan for schools ‘went up in smoke’, their opposition spokespeople have been caught out telling different stories.

Kate Ellis, who clearly said yesterday in Question Time that Labor’s School policy would be funded by a rise in Tobacco excise, has been sidelined by the Opposition Treasurer.

Prime Minister: …Let me remind him of the realities of his own plan for spending on education. What the honourable member seeks to do is assert that he has the funds to pay for that, but he has not identified any. His friend, the Labor Premier of South Australia, has said that Mr Shorten, the opposition leader—

Kate Ellis: Tobacco!

Prime Minister: Someone called out 'tobacco'. Is that the answer? Very good. The member for Adelaide nominates tobacco as the answer. Very good. That has not impressed the South Australian Premier, because what he has said, again and again and again, is that there is no coherent plan on behalf of the Labor Party to pay for it.”

– Question Time, 2/5/16

Chris Bowen has poured cold water on his opposition spokesperson.

“Labor has never directly hypothecated the revenue from tobacco excise for schools spending”

Chris Bowen, Media Release, 2/5/16

Either the Tobacco excise is being used to fund Labor’s school funding plan, or it isn’t. Which is it? The Opposition certainly don’t seem to know.

The Turnbull Government’s student achievement plan is tied to a needs-based distribution of funding and proven measures that will improve outcomes in literacy, numeracy, STEM subjects and prepare students for the jobs of the future.

Full details of the Turnbull Government’s student achievement plan are available at