Labor’s carbon tax chaos has continued with delays announced to tax incentives for energy efficiency measures that would have helped to reduce the impact of the carbon tax on many businesses.
The Tax Breaks for Green Buildings program has become another of Labor’s election promises to be broken in some way. By delaying this scheme the Government defers up to $135 million over the forward estimates, making the deferral look suspiciously like another backdoor way of trying to balance the budget.
However, it will be businesses and households who will pay the ultimate price.
Improving the energy efficiency of buildings makes a real, direct impact on emissions by reducing demand for electricity. Such reductions would also reduce the costs associated with the carbon tax.
This decision brings into question how serious Labor is about reducing both emissions and the amount Australian businesses or households will pay under the carbon tax.
It’s little wonder people doubt Labor’s compensation promises when the only climate change policy they show any commitment to is a new tax.
Labor’s track record on climate change policies is one of broken promises and policy disasters. This latest broken promise on energy efficiency justifies the doubts and concerns so many Australians are expressing about Labor’s planned carbon tax.
Labor have again shown they can’t be trusted to pursue or deliver anything with enthusiasm except new taxes.
If Julia Gillard is ditching practical action like energy efficiency that would reduce the carbon tax impact, how can people believe anything else Labor says on carbon tax compensation or offsets?