The removal of regulators in the Goolwa Channel in the lower reaches of the River Murray has long been overdue, Coalition Murray-Darling Basin spokesman Simon Birmingham said today.
It follows today’s announcement of $9 million in federal funding for their removal.
“These regulators were supposed to have softened the impact of drought on local communities, but have been left there so long they’ve also potentially reduced the benefit of recent floodwaters,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“Ministers Burke and Caica should be apologising for the length of time taken to remove these structures, not boasting they now have a plan to remove them long after they should have.
“Enormous volumes of water have already passed through the system – water that could have more fully flushed out all parts of the Lower Lakes and Goolwa Channel had these structures been removed when promised.
“The system has now peaked, and people in these communities will now simply have to hope that future inflows will be sufficient to provide the benefits they’ve missed out on through Government delays.”