The Rudd Government’s forced revelations of allegations of serious fraud, non-compliance and rorting of taxpayer’s money, is another example of Environment Minister Peter Garrett’s fundamental failure to manage major Government programs.
This revelation comes after the second cancellation and the release of the Hawke Report highlighting the widespread rorting, waste and safety concerns of the Home Insulation Program yesterday.
It is outrageous that a Minister of the Crown, who was responsible for two of the worst-managed programs that this country has seen, can continue to serve in the Ministry, let alone the Cabinet at full pay.
Kevin Rudd must sack this Minister before any more environmental programs are damaged and taxpayer’s money wasted.
It is now clearer than ever that the Rudd Government must commence a Judicial Inquiry into the Green Loans and Home Insulation Programs immediately. 
Above all else, the Prime Minister is a coward. He has dispatched three Ministers in two days to take the wrap for his gross mismanagement of Government. He is weak, incompetent and his true colours are now being revealed.