The Australian Government is encouraging Australians to get involved in National Water Week.
First marked in 1993, National Water Week from today until 26 October aims to cultivate increased community understanding of water issues in Australia.
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment with specific portfolio responsibilities for water Simon Birmingham says there are many opportunities to participate in activities coordinated nationally by the Australian Water Association.
Activities are as varied as pop-up TapTMCafés around Sydney to Canoeing on the Canning in Perth, with more details available on the Association’s website at
“I encourage all Australians to at least find one way to be better involved with or informed about water and its importance to us all,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“As the driest continent in the world, Australia must take special care of our precious water resources, ensuring that every drop is used as efficiently as possible, whether it is being used for household, productive or environmental purposes.
“The Government’s own efforts include working towards implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, in a way that delivers for the environment while preserving the Basin’s productive capacity as Australia’s major food bowl, as well as harnessing other water resources around Australia in an environmentally sustainable manner.
“I will be deeply immersed in water issues this week, visiting communities in the northern Murray-Darling Basin as part of an ongoing program of engagement, and hope all Australians will take an opportunity to involve themselves in some way.”