Fresh employer and student satisfaction surveys published today provide students with “more information than ever before” to make informed decisions about what and where to study and what prospective employers want.

Minister for Education and Training Simon Birmingham said the surveys would allow students to apply and enter the higher education system with “clear eyes” about the courses they were enrolling in and the job opportunities once completed.

Minister Birmingham said the release for the first time of the Employer Satisfaction Survey, the largest ever Australian survey of employers of higher education graduates, would provide vital insight for students and accompanied the second annual release of the Student Experience Survey.  

“The Turnbull Government is determined to drive increased accountability in our higher education system and is committed to delivering greater transparency around how higher education institutions perform and engage and support their students,” Minister Birmingham said.

“The more information that students can have at their fingertips, the better decisions they can make when considering the courses and careers they choose to embark on.

“Today’s results show an overwhelming number of students and employers had positive experiences across the higher education sector, highlighting that Australia delivers a world-class higher education system.

“Students can now compare satisfaction rates across a broader range of Australian higher education institutions and for the first time today can also compare how those courses are viewed by their prospective employers as part of a clearer picture of our higher education system.”

Minister Birmingham said the release of the Student Experience and Employer Experience surveys came on top of the work the Turnbull Government had already done through the Higher Education Standards Panel and continued to deliver on the enhancement of the Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) website.

“We will continue to enhance the QILT website with additional information, and we are investing further in the initiative to make sure that students have user-friendly, easy to access information to help them make the right choices,” he said.

“The strengthening of QILT will provide greater transparency for students to ensure they enrol in a course that they have a high chance of seeing through but also demand more accountability of universities for the students they take on. 
“Universities must take responsibility for those students they choose to enrol and ensure they have the capabilities and support to succeed.

“The Turnbull Government wants to ‘shine a light’ on the practices and habits that may be keeping students in the dark to ensure they enter a course that is positively regarded by employers and the institution they are applying to has delivered positive student satisfaction levels.”

Results from the 2016 Student Experience Survey and Employer Experience Survey can be found at: