Labor’s desperate campaign of lies has now turned to the Murray-Darling Basin.
Nothing could be further from the truth than hysterical Labor claims that the Basin Plan has been “trashed today”.
If elected, the Coalition will deliver every drop of water required to implement the Basin Plan on time, by 2019.  This is the same timetable as Labor promises.
We have always said we would give higher priority to water saving infrastructure projects ahead of water buybacks and today’s re-phasing of funding does exactly that.
By putting water saving infrastructure projects first we will deliver environmental water for the Murray by making our farmers and irrigators more efficient, keeping them on the land growing food in Australia for all Australians.  This is the smart way to deliver more environmental water.
Labor’s preference for buybacks first simply strips productive capacity out of communities and reduces Australia’s food production capacity.
This is just another desperate scare campaign by an increasingly desperate Labor Party.
The Coalition legislated for the Basin Plan when last in office and, if elected on Saturday, we will deliver it on time, as planned, by 2019.