The Albanese Government’s argument to pre-emptively recognise a Palestinian state puts statehood before security, and will be seen as a win by the terrorists who initiated the current horrific conflict.


Foreign Minister Penny Wong stated in her speech to the ANU National Security College that: “a secure and prosperous future for both Israelis and Palestinians will only come with a two-state solution.”


The reality, however, is that a two-state solution will only be possible with security, and confidence that the right of each party to exist will be respected by the other.


Hamas’s attacks of 7 October, deliberately slaughtering more Jews than on any single day since The Holocaust, shattered any sense of security and, in their own words, was an attack on Israel’s right to exist.


Hamas’s embedding of its terrorist leaders and infrastructure, along with the hostages it has illegally held since 7 October, amongst innocent civilians and civilian infrastructure has only compounded the tragic loss of life from this conflict.


It is downright dangerous to reward such barbaric conduct with a fast track to recognition of statehood.


To give the greatest chance for a sustainable ceasefire, that leads to prospects for stability and security, Labor should instead be applying maximum pressure on Hamas to immediately and unconditionally release all hostages and surrender all terrorist capabilities.


Senator Wong erroneously claims that Israel’s normalisation of relations with neighbouring Arab states “cannot proceed without progress on Palestinian statehood.”


This is demonstrably false. Since the Abraham Accords in 2020 Israel has normalised relations with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, in addition to earlier breakthroughs with countries such as Jordan and Egypt.


Senator Wong’s speech presents more questions than answers about the Albanese Government’s policy and intentions. While talking up recognition, Penny Wong states that:

  • “there is no role for Hamas in a future Palestinian state”;
  • “any future Palestinian state cannot be in a position to threaten Israel’s security”; and
  • “any future Palestinian state … will need a reformed Palestinian Authority.”


The Albanese Government needs to urgently clarify whether these are preconditions to any recognition by their government of a Palestinian state.


Prime Minister Albanese must guarantee not to undertake recognition while Hamas still commands the capacity to attack, Israel’s security remains threatened by those who promote violence, and the Palestinian Authority is crippled by incompetence.


Labor is threatening to break decades of bipartisan Australian foreign policy that recognition of a Palestinian state should only occur as part of a negotiated solution which gives Israel and a future Palestinian state security within internationally recognised borders.


We all wish to see the bloodshed end, decades of violence cease being perpetuated and the legitimate rights of all peoples upheld. But peace and security will not be achieved by potentially emboldening terrorists.


Before the 2022 election Labor promised the Australian Jewish community there was “no difference” between the major parties on matters relating to the Middle East.


Our Jewish community needs our support and consistency more than ever. The Prime Minister should demonstrate leadership by shutting down talk of premature recognition, standing firm against Hamas terrorists and stopping this reckless pursuit of Greens votes.