The Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder is now recruiting local engagement officers to work directly with Murray-Darling Basin communities.

“The officers will help ensure local knowledge and views are taken into account when considering Commonwealth environmental watering decisions,” said Senator Birmingham, Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment. 

“These officers will be based on the ground and be part of the community, making their role crucial to help us manage Commonwealth environmental water efficiently and effectively,” he said.

“This is a direct response to suggestions from irrigators, local environment groups, community representatives and other interested parties that the Commonwealth needs to better engage with people on the ground and take more local knowledge and experience into account.

“Officers will work closely with our state agency delivery partners and our monitoring teams, to ensure that there’s consistency in decision making.

“We understand the need for good working relationships between the Commonwealth, States, industry and communities, to ensure that both the environment and the community are getting the most out of our Commonwealth environmental water – basically making sure we get the best bang for our buck. 

“To do this we need people positioned in the regions to engage effectively and meaningfully, to ensure that information flows both to and from the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder.

“We’re looking for local people who are highly motivated, natural resource managers with experience of managing water resources within a catchment, who are highly committed to working with their community to find the best outcomes for all.

The local engagement officers will be based at Deniliquin, Leeton and Dubbo in New South Wales, Mildura in Victoria, Berri in South Australia and Goondiwindi in Queensland.

The Deniliquin officer will be based at Murray Local Land Services, the Leeton officer with the Riverina Local Land Services, the Mildura officer with the Mallee Catchment Management Authority, the Berri officer with Natural Resources South Australia Murray-Darling Basin office, the Dubbo officer with the Central West Local Land Services, and the Goondiwindi officer with the Queensland Murray Darling Committee.

Advertisements are being placed in local newspapers and the Australian Public Service Gazette with the officers expected to commence in July.