The Opposition welcomes Prime Minister Albanese’s delayed acceptance to attend the NATO Leaders’ Summit in July.


In what should have been an obvious and swift yes to the invitation the Prime Minister finally has acknowledged the importance of this event and agreed to make time for it.


As one of the AP4 to be invited to attend NATO, it is unquestionably in Australia’s interest to seize important security orientated opportunities to maintain European understanding of the strategic challenges in our region.


Prime Minister Albanese should aim to have Australia embedded as a permanent ongoing participant in NATO dialogue and discussion, thereby ensuring continued focus on Indo-Pacific security.

Not only should the Prime Minister be attending this summit with an agenda he should be arriving with a new and comprehensive package to support the defence of Ukraine.


Under the Coalition, Australia was the largest non-NATO contributor to Ukraine. Now is not the time for the Albanese Government to show any fatigue in support of Ukraine.


A comprehensive package across military, humanitarian and other assistance should be provided to make sure that we continue to defend the rules-based order where it is under direct threat by Russia through their invasion of Ukraine.