I look forward to serving as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment in the new Coalition Government and am delighted to be taking on particular responsibilities for water.
Implementation of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan in a way that delivers for the environment while preserving the status of the Murray-Darling as Australia’s major food bowl is an important objective of the Abbott Government.
Similarly, harnessing other water resources around Australia, whether in less developed regions or through better use of urban water should be a priority to increase productivity in an environmentally sustainable way.
As the driest continent in the world Australia must take special care of our precious water resources, ensuring that every drop is used as efficiently as possible, whether it is being used for environmental or productive purposes.
Australia also boasts some world recognised rivers, lakes and wetlands, which must be preserved as habitat for many native and migratory species.
Over coming weeks I will meet with stakeholders to ensure their views are heard in the implementation of the Basin Plan and other policies important to the management of our water resources.
I also look forward to working with Greg Hunt to ensure that other important environmental reforms are successfully implemented, including the creation of a one-stop-shop for environmental approvals, the removal of Labor’s carbon tax and the delivery of policies to meet Australia’s emissions reduction target.