Prices of everyday household goods will go up and keep going up under Labor’s carbon tax, according to the Acting Shadow Minister for Climate Change, Simon Birmingham.
“Australia’s food and grocery manufacturers are right to highlight the impact the carbon tax would have on the prices of everyday goods,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“Australians won’t just feel the impact of the carbon tax every time they switch on a power point or turn on their car; they will also feel it every time they go to the supermarket or kitchen pantry.
“The carbon tax will make imported foods comparatively cheaper than foods produced in Australia, placing at risk Australian jobs in food production and manufacturing.
“Not only will prices go up in the first year of the carbon tax, they will go up every year as the carbon tax increases every year, above the rate of inflation.
“Labor must now own up to what the starting price of its carbon tax will be, how much it will go up each and every year and tell Australians what the impact on all goods and services will be.
“There is plenty of uncertainty around Labor’s carbon tax but what is absolutely clear is that under the carbon tax prices will go up and will keep going up, while Australian jobs risk going offshore and staying offshore.
“Labor should ditch its carbon tax and adopt a better way to tackle climate change.”