Boosting public service productivity is apparently as simple as installing expensive coffee machines, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Simon Birmingham said today.
It follows confirmation from the Clean Energy Regulator in Senate Estimates today, under questioning from Senator Birmingham, that the installation of eight ‘Nespresso’ coffee machines at a cost of $20,175 was at least partly a productivity measure.
“That procurement was for eight machines which was one for each of the staff kitchens and we did that obviously to provide a level of staff amenity but also because we thought it would be beneficial for productivity for staff to be able to buy their coffee … on the premises rather than go out of the building…”
Ms Chloe Munro, Chief Executive Officer, Clean Energy Regulator
“It seems one of the perks of office now is the right to percolate in the office,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“Taxpayers may well wonder how many coffee machines will have to be purchased across the public service to end the apparent waste associated with public servants queuing across Canberra for their latte fixes.
“However, it is the Gillard Government that needs to wake up to the damage being done to the Australian economy and to the cost of living for all Australians as a result of its carbon tax administered by the Clean Energy Regulator.
“Many Australians will be wanting something stronger than coffee when they open their next power bill, thanks in large part to the added impost of the carbon tax Julia Gillard promised us we wouldn’t have.
“The coffee might be brewing in our bureaucrats’ kitchens, but Australians looking for some relief from carbon tax pain will hope it’s more like a storm that will be brewing at the ballot box at the next election.”