Lake Eyre Basin management was singled out as the winner of the 2014 Australian Riverprize amid a highly competitive list of outstanding projects around the country.

“This award recognises the commitment and efforts of a coalition of diverse individuals, groups, organisations, institutions and governments who, over a long period of time, have worked to protect the free-flowing nature of the Lake Eyre Basin rivers,” said Senator Simon Birmingham, Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment.

“What makes this coalition remarkable is its shared commitment to the long-term sustainability of the river system, its shared focus on protecting the natural flows that sustain the cultural, environmental and economic values in the Basin.

”All these contributors deserve recognition for the work done and for the progress made.

“The rivers of Lake Eyre Basin are one of the last naturally free-flowing river basins in the world, with highly variable and unpredictable river flows. Both high and low river flows have important ecological functions and impacts on the industries they support. 

“The effort and commitment demonstrated by communities in the Lake Eyre Basin is central to the continued health of the Basin, its communities and the industries it supports,” Senator Birmingham said.

Senator Birmingham also congratulated the finalists of this year's Riverprize from Margaret River and Bannister Creek in Western Australia and Boorowa River in New South Wales. 

The 2014 Australian Riverprize consists of a prize valued at $200,000. The Riverprize was awarded for the first time in 2001. Over the years, it has recognised, rewarded and promoted many diverse and successful approaches across the country and put Australian expertise in river management on the world map.

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