Kevin Rudd should provide a clear statement to taxpayers regarding millions of dollars of debts owed to them as a result of his disastrous $2 billion Home Insulation Program, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Simon Birmingham said today.
Senator Birmingham has written to Prime Minister Rudd* regarding nearly $10 million in outstanding debts that were detailed in response to his questioning through Senate Estimates hearings.
Of $10.7 million in outstanding debts, incurred under failed and flawed environmental programs, as at 28 February:
  • 669 debts totalling $6.7 million related to the Home Insulation Program (in addition to 491 debts totalling $15.7 million written off)
  • 30 debts totalling $3.0 million related, perversely, to the subsequent Insulation Industry Assistance Package (in addition to 21 debts totalling $1.9 million written off)
“Kevin Rudd might have finally apologised for at least some of the damage inflicted by his disastrous ‘Pink Batts’ program but he should now also be upfront with taxpayers about the total final cost of this debacle,” Senator Birmingham said today.
“On top of the wasteful spending under the Home Insulation Program itself, taxpayers have already seen millions of dollars of debt written off and deserve to know what efforts are being made to avoid millions more in still outstanding debts also being written off.
“Much as he might want to wipe his previous record clean Mr Rudd has a track record of disaster and, now that he’s back in the top job, he needs to accept responsibility for his past failures.”
*see letter, below, together with Senate Estimates answers
Answer to question 66 available within ‘Answers to general questions that cross all departmental outcomes/programs’ at
Answer to question 94 available within answers relating to ‘Program 1.2: Improving Australia’s energy efficiency’ at