South Australians will be paying more for electricity and gas than they should, due to the carbon tax.
The rising cost of living is already a challenge for South Australian families and adding another price hike to rising bills is a real blow.
The Prime Minister should apologise to South Australian families for the additional cost they are facing.
From 1 July, every time they turn on the lights, switch on the computer or turn on the heater or air conditioner they will be paying the carbon tax.
On an average electricity bill, the price will rise by $274.62 a year, with $69.85 of that directly attributed to the carbon tax.
For small businesses, the cost of the carbon tax will be $139.70.
It is a price rise which families and businesses can do without and comes at the worst possible time for businesses faced with increasing international pressures and a high Australian dollar.
The Coalition is committed to repealing the carbon tax and removing these extra costs.