The Senate today missed an opportunity to maintain a strong and moral stance against Hamas terrorists and their ongoing cause of bloodshed.

The Coalition sought to amend the Senate motion supported by the Labor and the Greens to better reflect the terms of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) motion and also to reflect important principles that Australia should continue to stand by.

Specifically, the Coalition sought to:

  • incorporate the expectation that any immediate ceasefire incorporates the immediate and unconditional release of hostages;
  • ⁠acknowledges that improving access to humanitarian assistance requires the cooperation of all parties, not just Israel;
  • ⁠state that Hamas must lay down its arms and can have no role in the future governance of Gaza;
  • reflect the totality of suffering felt by Palestinians in Gaza; and
  • ⁠once again unconditionally condemn the heinous terror attacks of Hamas, while recognising Israel’s inherent right to defend itself.

In its rush to reflect the UNSC vote the Albanese Government has failed to articulate and stand by the tenets of Australia’s support for Israel and our strong stance against Hamas.

The Coalition is proud to continue to stand resolute in relation to our support for Israel, the removal of Hamas and in pursuit of an outcome that can best support stability and peace in the long term.