Sue Boyce is a good friend and wonderful colleague who I will miss greatly when she retires as a Senator for Queensland in 2014.
I have always enjoyed a special connection with Sue, the two of us having been sworn in at the same time on 8 May 2007 to fill casual vacancies.
Sue came to the Senate with a passion for supporting small business and as a champion of those with disabilities. Sue will leave having been a tireless and effective advocate in those sectors.
Sue has also been a champion of classical liberal values within the Liberal Party. Our ‘broad church’ approach is what best equips the Liberal Party to represent all Australians and I applaud Sue on her determination to fight for her beliefs.
I know Sue has much to contribute until her term ends in June 2014 and will continue to fight the good Liberal fight up to and beyond that point. Thereafter, I will miss Sue as a colleague but continue to value her friendship.
I know Sue has faced several health battles over recent years and I wish Sue, her children Bede, Gina and Joanna, as well as their families, every happiness in the years ahead.