Today’s meeting of the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee should end the uncertainty surrounding Labor’s carbon tax by revealing its true cost, according to Acting Shadow Minister for Climate Action Simon Birmingham.

“After months of uncertainty this committee should bring some clarity to the debate by today naming the starting rate of the carbon tax and the rate at which it will increase,” Senator Birmingham said today.

?”The Multi-Party Climate Change Committee was established back in September.  The so-called ‘climate change framework’, where the carbon tax broken promise was unveiled, was announced in February.

“The communiqué from their last meeting, on 18 March 2011 said “Considerable discussion focused on paper 6 concerning carbon pricing, and the design of a carbon price mechanism.”

?”If this committee can’t now release details on its price on carbon and the rate at which it will increase each and every year what are they actually discussing?
“Australians want to know how much this carbon tax will increase their grocery bills, electricity bills and petrol costs.

“Australian industry rightly want to know the impact on their competitiveness and unions want to know the impact on jobs.
“Australians deserve to know the details of the carbon tax and it’s time the Government came clean and told them.”