Hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars are going to promote the carbon tax to toddlers and union officials as part of Labor’s multi-million dollar carbon tax campaign, Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment Simon Birmingham said today.
Under questioning from Senator Birmingham in Senate Estimates, the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency (DCCEE) today exposed the extent to which Labor is abusing taxpayer funds to sell its carbon tax, including grants of: 
  • $150,000 to Dirtgirlworld Productions Pty Ltd – producer of children’s television program popular with toddlers.
  • $200,000 to Green Cross Australia to run carbon tax ‘Show and Tell’ programs in primary schools.
  • $93,000 to the Australian Council of Trade Unions to teach union officials how to sell the carbon tax to their members.
“Indoctrinating toddlers and school children on the supposed benefits of the carbon tax is an extraordinary waste of money and demonstrates how out of touch Labor is,” Senator Birmingham said.
DCCEE officials confirmed the Foundation Campaign is funding these activities, stating that:
“They are very big amongst the toddlers, Senator… The purpose of the grant is to reach currently disengaged families through fun child-led activities”
Dr Subho Banerjee, DCCEE Deputy Secretary, Senate Estimates, 13 February 2012
“This is a flagrant abuse of taxpayer funds by the Gillard Government to desperately try to change perceptions of their toxic carbon tax,” Senator Birmingham said.
“The Foundation Campaign has previously funded Labor’s cheer squad of organisations who have been loud supporters of the carbon tax, including the Australian Conservation Foundation and Australian Youth Climate Coalition.”
It’s not just toddlers being targeted – Labor is also paying to teach union leaders how to spin the carbon tax to workers in hard hit industries:
“The purpose is to equip officials with the knowledge and conversation skills to engage systematically with hundreds of workplace delegates and members.”
Dr Subho Banerjee, DCCEE Deputy Secretary, Senate Estimates, 13 February 2012
“This seems to be a confession that Australia’s union leaders are lost for words when it comes to the carbon tax and need help with their conversation skills,” Senator Birmingham said.
“Instead of admitting that the carbon tax will cost thousands of union members their jobs, apparently union leaders will be telling them it’s a good thing they’ll lose their jobs because it’s better to send jobs and emissions overseas than to keep them in Australia.
“The unions are meant to be Labor’s best friend, but apparently even they need to be bought off to support the carbon tax.”